TV "Kultura",

"Russian Seasons" in Germany continues Igor Butman Quintet

"Russian Seasons" in Germany continues  Igor Butman Quintet!

Today the band will perform in Berlin, and the day before the concert was in Cologne. How the German public accepts Russian...

Saarbrücker Zeitung,

March 29, Igor Butman Quintet performed at the 33rd International Jazz Festival in St. Ingbert

March 29, Igor Butman Quintet performed at the 33rd International Jazz Festival in St. Ingbert.

"The performance of the Russian Quintet Igor Butman made an incredible impression on us. It w...

Ministry of Culture website  ,

Quintet Igor Butman will perform in Germany as part of the "Russian Seasons"

Igor Butman Quintet will perform in Germany at the XXXIII Jazz Festival of St. Ingbert, as well as in Minden, Cologne and Berlin. Concerts will be held from March 29 to April 1 and will be part of ...


The Moscow Jazz Orchestra performance will be broadcast on the facade of the Zaryadye concert hall.

The first broadcast to be broadcast on the façade of the Zaryadye concert hall will be the concert of the Moscow Jazz Orchestra of Igor Butman and the British singer and pianist Anthony Stro...

Bright Magazine,

A festive concert of Igor Butman will take place in the Moscow House of Music

On September 15, a gala concert by Igor Butman, Oleg Akkuratov and the Moscow Jazz Orchestra, dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the American composer George Gershwin, will take place in the Mos...

Ted Panken,
March 11, 2015

Butman, Moscow Jazz Orchestra Impress at Russia’s Triumph of Jazz Festival

The Triumph of Jazz Festival is the brainchild of Moscow saxophonist-bandleader-label head-clubowner-entrepreneur Igor Butman. For this year’s 15th edition, which ran Feb. 20–22, Butman...

Lancelot Joseph,
Business India,
November 10-23, 2015

Back with a big bang

Over the years, India has had a lot of jazz musicians coming and performing here. “But, for the first time since 1950, we have got a big band to India, ” explains Pr...

Marian Dumitry,
November 7, 2014

Igor Butman took the audience to a new world of entertainment

The ending part of the opening ceremony was simply spectacular... Jazz Quartet of People’s Artist of Russia Igor Butman took the audience to a new world of entertainment through their mind bl...

Alexandra Katz,
Russia and India Report,
October 29, 2014

Russian sax king brings his band to Mumbai

Igor Butman is back in India and this time he brings his 16-member Moscow Jazz Orchestra. Ahead of a concert at Mumbai’s NCPA, the jazz musician tells RIR why he loves coming back to the co...

Rolling Stone India,
Rolling Stone India,
October 27, 2014

Russian Jazz Saxophonist Igor Butman to Perform In Mumbai

This is Igor Butman’s third visit to India for a performance and although the Russian saxophonist has performed in the country twice with a quartet and a sextet previously, this will be ...

Apoorva Dutt,
Hindustan Times,
October 27, 2014

Jazz music gets a Russian flavour: Igor Butman to perform at NCPA

Igor Butman, once declared by former US president Bill Clinton as his “favourite living jazz saxophonist”, will be at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) on Wednesda...

Anu Prabhakar,
Mid Day India,
October 26, 2014

Jazz for the soul

It’s a piece of news that can delight every jazz fan in the city. The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), in association with Jazz Addicts, brings The Igor Butman Big Band for a c...

Edward Blanco,,
April 2, 2014

Nick Levinovsky: Special Opinion (2014)

Legendary Russian pianist, composer/arranger Nick Levinovsky delivers a masterpiece of an album on Special Opinion superbly supported by friend, saxophonistIgor Butman and h...

Randi Rousseau,
WDSU News,
February 6, 2014

Russian jazz musician shares love of playing in NOLA, prepares to play in Sochi

Igor Butman and his orchestra have played on a number of stages across the globe, but for this Russian musician, there's nothing like performing in the motherland of jazz music.


Jeremy D. Goodwin,
Boston Globe,
January 10, 2014

Igor Butman returns with Moscow Jazz Orchestra

Through tenacity and talent, tenor saxophonist Igor Butman worked his way through the nascent jazz scene of the Soviet Union in the late-1970s and the 1980s, attracting the attention of leadin...

Bridget Arnwine,,
October 9, 2013

Wynton Marsalis and Igor Butman honored at 21st Annual ARCCF Gala


Friendship is a privilege. It is it is a mutual consideration, a bond, that exceeds understanding and reason. Friends are the family you choose, the soft place you fall during life&r...

Bob Weir,
Jazz Journal

Review: Umbria Jazz Festival

(...) More superior jazz was supplied by Jan Garbarek with percussionist Trilok Curtu, Igor Butman's Moscow Jazz Orchestra and Wynton Marsalis with the Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra and voc...

Ted Panken,
July 17, 2013

Craftsmanship, Refinement Guide Umbria Jazz Festival


Most of the indoor concerts during the first several days were by bands from Europe. The Igor Butman Big Band, an outfit of virtuosos, offered a 90-minute set that displayed their ma...

Tim Dickeson,
9 июля 2013 года

Jazz breaking news: Omar Sosa, Diana Krall and Jan Garbarek shine at Umbria Jazz 2013

... at the Theatre Morlacchi, fiery saxophonist Igor Butman and the Moscow Jazz Orchestra (the first Russian orchestra to play Umbria Jazz) provided an extremely high-octane set of big band ja...

Will Friedwald,
The Wall Street Journal,
January 13, 2013

The Jazz Scene: Conference Calls, Brass Bands, Free Thinkers

The musical offerings at the annual Association of Performing Arts Presenters Conference (and at this week's concurrent events, Winter JazzFest and GlobalFest) show that in 2013, jazz means everyth...

Igor Butman's personal blog,
June 25, 2012

Igor Butman on Lincoln Center Community

In my opinion, Jazz at Lincoln Center is not just a concert organization, but an embodiment of the idea of uniting jazz musicians from all across the world. This is something that Wynton Marsalis h...

Larry Appelbaum,
May 2012

Before & After with Igor Butman: Listening With Russia’s Jazz Ambassador


Tenor saxophonist, bandleader and entrepreneur Igor Butman occupies a unique place in Russian jazz circles for his considerable musical skills, media visibility and savvy political c...

John McDonough,
May 2012

Igor Butman Orchestra Sheherazade’s Tales Butman Music 74008 4 stars

Among the peace dividends that arrived with the end of the Cold War was Russian bandleader and tenor saxophonist Igor Butman. He has since traveled with top American players, and his fine o...

Michael McFaul, US ambassador to Russia,
Febraury 5, 2012

The international language of Igor Butman's jazz

On Monday night, I went on my first “date night” with my wife in Moscow. We went to listen to the Igor Butman Music Group. I had heard his music in the States a bit and, as a former big...

By Michael Jackson,
Downbeat magazine,
June 2011

Saxophonist Butman Jams in the Moscow Midnights

It wasn’t until the close of a call with saxophonist Igor Butman (at his dacha near Moscow) that I realized our conversation had been scheduled for 3 a.m. in his time zone. Being active at su...

Peter Vacher,
June 2011


Saxophonist Butman’s big band CD is subtitled Plays The Music of Nickolay Levinovsky – Special Guest Wynton Marsalis but that’s just about all I can tell you. The sleeve ...

By Bruno Anastasi,

Album of the week: Igor Butman, “Magic Land”

A giudicare dal corposo curriculum pubblicato sul suo sito, Igor Butman è il più illustre sassofonista (tenore / soprano) russo. Si dirà: embè? Gli scettici di...

Eric Nemeyer,
JazzInside Magazine,
June, 2011

Igor Butman

Igor Butman, saxophone virtuoso and bandleader, is Russia’s number one jazz personality today. Born in 1961 in Leningrad (now St.Petersburg), Igor Butman started playing the clarinet at the a...

May 31, 2011

Andrei Kondakov / Igor Butman / Eddie Gomez / Lenny White: Blues for 4 (2011)

Russian music has a mile-wide streak of tragedy and sorrow running through it. If Americans hadn't invented it first, the blues could have been born on the banks of the Volga River, instead of the Mis...

Boris Barabanov,
newspaper “Kommersant”,
April 12, 2011

She’s all that jazz

In the year of her anniversary American jazz diva Dee Dee Bridgewater visited Russia within the scope of tour dedicated to the album of songs from the repertory of Billie Holiday. BORIS BARABANOV r...

Forrest Dylan Bryant,
September issue, 2010

Igor Butman Big Band, Moscow @ 3 A.M.

Casting a welcome spotlight on the underexposed Russian jazz scene, star saxophonist Igor Butman reunites with a longtime friend and collaborator, composer/arranger Nick Levinovsky, to co-lead a br...

Andy Robson,
August 2014


Here’s a project with no side to it. Just straight-ahead, brass rich jazz-rock. The likes of Bill Evans and Mike Stern are in their element here, laying down chorus after chorus rambunctious,...

Selwyn Harris,
July 2012


Experienced Russian tenor saxophonist Igor Butman arrived in America in 1987 having already gained a high reputation among top notch visiting jazz musicians to his Soviet Russian homeland, he was h...

Frederick Berna,
"Russia Now"/"Washington Post", "Daily Telegraph",
March 27, 2009

A Jazz Leader for the New Era

Hailed by none other than President Bill Clinton as one of the world’s greatest living saxophone players, Igor Butman is an icon of Russian musical life. Born in St. Petersburg in 1961, he to...

Michael Gill,
Cleveland Scene ,
March 11, 2009

Soviet Jazz

When Igor Butman talks about jazz in the Soviet Union in the late '70s, his enthusiasm is only partly due to the fact that he was a teenager then, just waking up to music. Born in St. Petersburg, w...

Hugo Kugiya,
The Seattle Times,
February 18, 2009

A Russian jazz-classical fusion at Benaroya Hall

Igor Butman, the jazz saxophonist considered the Wynton Marsalis of Russia, will be in Seattle Feb. 20 for a date in the eight-city tour "Crossover Concerto: Where Classical Meets Jazz," with Yuri ...

Michael Jackson,
February, 2009

Igor Butman. Magic Land. 4 1/2 stars

The somewhat cheesy cover art and suggestion of kids music шn the track listing, сoupled with my barely nominal familiarity with Igor Butman, put me off this CD when it arrived in the mail, althoug...

Emily Jo Cureton,
Daily News,
June 7, 2008

Carnival of Jazz

For the past six years, Igor Butman and Larisa Dolina have collaborated to produce "Carnival of Jazz", a spectacular event no true jazz lover would want to miss. "Carnival of Jazz 2" comes to Manha...

Jack Bowers,,
February 18, 2007

Igor Butman Big Band: The Eternal Triangle (2007)

As an admirer of big bands all over the world, I've waited years to hear a well-endowed, swinging ensemble from Russia, and here at last it is, charging boldly into the labyrinthine Eterna...

Terell Kent Holmes,,
January 12. 2008

Magic Land

Russian sax man Igor Butman uses music from Russian cartoons and movies as the inspiration for Magic Land, where he has the support of a Hall of Fame band—Randy Brecker (trumpet), Stefon Harr...

Patrick Cole,
December 13, 2007

Russian Sax King Igor Butman Wants to Be a Name Outside Moscow

Walk down a street in Moscow and you'll see the Russian sax player Igor Butman on billboards promoting his latest record. Here in the U.S., though, he's lucky if his name isn't mispronounced (it's ...

Will Friedwald,
The New York Sun ,
November 30, 2007

Building the Russia House

At Igor Butman's early set Wednesday at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola, the great St. Petersburg-born tenor saxophonist played only one brief lick that seemed, at least to Western ears, remotely Russian: T...

Sholto Byrnes,
“The Independent” (London),
September 14, 2006

Randy Brecker, Ronnie Scott’s, London

If it has been Randy Brecker's misfortune to be overshadowed for most of his career by his brother Michael, one of the most admired tenor saxophonists, he's never seemed to mind that much. Perhaps ...

Mike Hobart,
Financial Times,
September 13, 2006

Randy Brecker/Igor Butman Quartet, Ronnie Scott’s

The American trumpeter Randy Brecker oozes the urbane professionalism of a touring jazz musician in demand for studio work. His 40-year career spans Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen, headlining ...

Patrick Cole,
September 11, 2006

Saxophonist Igor Butman, `the Wynton of Russia,' Plays New York

Russian jazz saxophone player Igor Butman smiles with confidence when you call him the Wynton Marsalis of his homeland.

Butman, 45, relaxes in the green room at Dizzy's Coca-Cola jazz cl...

Jerry D'Souza, ,
July 27, 2006

Euro-Jazz Scores at Toronto Jazz Festival


(...) Igor Butman builds several of his compositions over Russian folk tunes. He turns them into little vignettes that boast the musical melodies of his native land and the harmoniza...

Nate Chinen,
The New York Times ,
February 24, 2006

A Musical Exchange With the Best Russia Has to Offer

The promise of a dialogue between jazz and classical music has been a persistent lure over the years. It's a preoccupation that turns experts into interlopers, compelling them to speak in a borrowe...

Will Friedwald,
The New York Sun ,
February 24, 2006

An Octogenarian's Time To Shine

Speaking of detente, Rose Theater on Wednesday night played host to visitors from even farther away than L.A. This was "Crossover Concerto," a concert starring two ensembles from Moscow. 

Ben Ratliff,
The New York Times ,
September 20, 2003

Marsalis and His Russian Counterpart

Jazz suggests a spectrum of artistic dispositions, and musicians all over the world take from it whatever suits their own temperaments. Some choose vulnerability. Some choose concentration. Some ch...

Ira Gitler,
June, 2002

Overdue Ovation for Igor Butman

It was at a league ice-hockey game on Nov. 11, 1994, that Igor Butman added another exciting chapter to his life story. The other team, frustrated by Butman's skill and speed, tried to slow him dow...