Special Opinion

2013 / 2013/Butman Music

Special Opinion

Randy Brecker (trumpet)

Igor Butman (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone)

Bill Evans (tenor saxophone)

Nick Levinovsky (keyboards)

Mike Stern (guitar)

Mitch Stein (guitar)

Tom Kennedy (electric bass)

Dave Weckl (drums)

Konstantin Safyanov (alto saxophone, flute)

Ilya Morozov (alto saxophone, flute)

Dmitry Mospan (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone)

Danny Walsh (tenor saxophone, clarinet)

Alexander Dovgopoly (baritone saxophone, flute)

Pavel Zhulin (lead trumpet)

Denis Popov (trumpet)

Alexander Berenson (trumpet)

Alexander Sakharov (trumpet)

Alevtina Polyakova (trombone)

Oleg Borodin (trombone)

Pavel Ovchinnikov (trombone)

Nikolay Shevnin (bass trombone)


Track list

1. Special Opinion 7:37

2. Young Beauty (Here She is) 8:29

3. Loneliness 4:56

4. Uncle Joe 7:39

5. Exodus 9:35

6. Falcon Hunt 6:25

7. Chick's Picks 5:47

8. Procession 6:41

9. In This World 5:53

10. Promised Sunlight 9:01

Butman Music Records presents a sensational album "Special Opinion" by Nick Levinovsky, Igor Butman and Moscow Jazz Orchestra! Levinovsky and the Orchestra showed their great crossover experiment on their previous album, and now it's time for jazz-rock combustion! The fourth album in the Orchestra's discography, Special Opinion was recorded in New York in January 2013 with fusion and jazz rock super stars: drummer Dave Weckl, guitarists Mike Stern and Mitch Stein, saxophone player Bill Evans, trumpeter Randy Brecker and bassist Tom Kennedy.

New music that Nick Levinovsky wrote for this album represents a fiery resistance between two elements: jazz orchestra on one front, a rock band on another.
Light and subtle textures,  tremendous swing and mighty breathtaking unison run from one side,  aggressive groove,  killing rock rhythm section and earthy sound from another.

Special Opinion was presented in Moscow in November 2013 by Nick Levinovsky, Igor Butman and Moscow Jazz Orchestra featuring very special guests: Victor Bailey on bass, David Fiuczynksi on guitar and Joel Rosenblatt on drums!