Sheherazade's Tales

2011 / Butman Music

Sheherazade's Tales


Peter Bernstein (guitar, solo (3, 5, 6) 

Sean Jones (trumpet, solo (1, 2, 3, 6) 

Kathy Jenkins (vocal)

James Burton (trombone)

Igor Butman (tenor, soprano saxophones, solo (1, 3, 6) 

Denis Shvytov (alto, soprano saxophones) 

Konstantin Safyanov (alto saxophone, flute, solo (7) 

Dmitry Mospan (tenor, soprano saxophones, solo (5) 

Alexander Dovgopoly (bari saxophone, flute)

Pavel Zhulin (lead trumpet)

Alexander Berenson (trumpet, solo (1) 

Alexander Sakharov (trumpet)

Vadim Eilenkrig (trumpet)

Pavel Ovchinnikov (trombone)

Alevtina Polyakova (trombone)

Nikolay Shevnin (bass trombone)

Anton Baronin (piano, solo (5) 

Eduard Zizak (drums)

Vitaly Solomonov (bass)


Track list

1  Dark Eyes (F. Herman) 16:21 

2  Coachman, Don’t Rush The Horses (Y.Feldman) 9:27 

3  Caravan (D.Ellington, J.Tizol) 15:21 

4  Sheherazade. mov. 1 (N.Rimsky-Korsakov) 5:36 

5  Sheherazade. mov. 2 (N.Rimsky-Korsakov) 13:16 

6  Sheherazade. mov. 3 (N.Rimsky-Korsakov) 12:18 

7  Sheherazade. mov. 4 (N.Rimsky-Korsakov) 6:14



In 2010 Igor Butman Orchestra featuring renowned NY jazz artists Sean Jones, Kathy Jenkins, Peter Bernstein and James Burton presented crossover program “Sheherazade’s tales” at “Cherry Forest” festival in Moscow. The program included Nikolay Levinovsky’s jazz arrangements of Russian romances and symphonic suite “Sheherazade” by N.A.Rimsky-Korsakov.  It’s no surprise that such original fusion of classic and jazz music became a revelation for audience and mass media, because hardly anyone connected such polar musical worlds with such ingenuity before. Live album “Sheherazade’s tales had been recorded at the concert and was releaseв at Butman Music Records this November.