Igor Butman to become producer of International Jazz Day in St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg will become the host city for various events dedicated to the 7th annual celebration of International jazz Day in 2018 according to UNESCO press release issued this Friday, August 25, 2017.

"18 countries were taking part in the contest to organize the main events of  Jazz Day. The jury's decision to choose St. Petersburg as the capital of jazz in 2018 shows recognition of Russia’s exceptional contribution to the development of this art," –  says UNESCO's statement. The decision of the international jury was approved by Irina Bokova, the General Manager of UNESCO.

The International Jazz Day was established by UNESCO in November 2011 by the decision of the 36th session of the UNESCO General conference. The celebration takes place every year on April 30 in dozens of cities around the world in order to "raise awareness of the international community about the pedagogical role of jazz as a force for promoting peace, unity, dialogue and expansion of contacts between people".

The first International Jazz Day took place in Paris in 2012, was opened by UNESCO General Director Irina Bokova and UNESCO goodwill ambassador Herbie Hancock.

The organizers of the celebration of International jazz Day in 2018 are the government of St. Petersburg and the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO. People's artist of Russia, outstanding saxophone player Igor Butman will become the producer of this event.

"We hope that this event will be internationally important for the start of a constructive dialogue between our country and Western countries. Jazz is the most democratic form of art and it will be the best way to start any new relations," the jazzman said. - "Our people love jazz, it is popular here, in the past people suffered a lot for it and even ended up in prison, if we take the story of Eddie Rozner [in 1946 the musician was exiled to Khabarovsk Territory in the Far East of the country - TASS]. But most important is that we have a lot wonderful musicians the world should hear. Of course, we did our best to ensure that St. Petersburg was chosen."

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